David Borzkowski

David Borzkowski is a Photographer based out of Southwest Michigan.

David started his photographic career at Kalamazoo Central High School, working exclusively in Black & White Film, and only using digital mediums during the summer when film development wasn't an option. David earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Photography and Intermedia from Western Michigan University. His senior thesis was based on the idea of emotions being externalized, and translating them into a visual format through light painting photography, as well as the creation, and deconstruction of memories.

With these themes in mind, David has gained skills in Film Photography, Digital Photography, Videography, a multitude of Alternative Processes such as Cynotype, Van Dyke, Four-Color Gum, and Installation Work.

David's goals include following his photographic passion while providing his keen eye for the perfect shot to clients, keeping up with the Kardashians, and to never stop learning and exploring.